C-6 “Significantly changed”, passed back to Parliament!

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stopped Bill C-6The incredible team at Canadians for Health Freedom can be justifiably proud of ourselves today, as our massive lobby of the Senate resulted in two substantive amendments to Bill C-6, which forces the odious piece back into Parliament for consideration all over again!

Nonetheless, we’re not breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back. This fight is far from over. The bill now has to repeat the whole approval process, which may also include committee hearings in both Houses… and this time, there will be no tolerance of stacked testimony, and the gloves will be off!

Of great benefit in this 180-degree turnabout is the timing of it: Parliament has just adjourned for Christmas break, which will last till the end of January, so we will have more time to strategize, to organize, and to expand our outreach to more and more Canadians, each of whom deserves nothing less than the full protection of our Constitutional law.

Further, there are rumors floating around the Hill that Harper, besieged over the issue of torture of Afghan detainees, may prorogue Parliament, i.e., discontinue Parliament without dissolving it, until after the Olympic Games. While I am not a Conservative strategist, to my mind that would be another nail in this minority’s coffin, public-relations-wise. After all, if I had been mouthing off about how important it was to “stay the course”, and how this economic crisis is “far from over”, gladhanding at the Olympics would be the last place I’d want my team seen. I would rather the people were treated to seeing their elected representatives burning the midnight oil to fix what was wrong.

And on top of that, they’re being labeled as pro-torture? If I were Harper, I’d stick with the 6 weeks’ grace given him by the holidays. More brownie points in it. If he prorogues, he’ll look like he’s running, and that’d be political suicide.

I’d say it’s a really good time to kick them: they’re down.

I want to point out to everyone that while we’ve gained a great deal of ground here, and deserve to congratulate ourselves, we still have a long way to go. This Bill is still alive, if unpassed. And there will be more to follow.

We cannot, unfortunately, relax for a moment, assume victory, and lose the focus we all share, which is the absolute inviolability of our rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Bill of Rights.

What we CAN do, at this point in time, however, is to gather our energies and prepare to take them on again. This time, they will not sneak by us.

Stay tuned, folks… this battle was a win… but the war is still on!

Thank you to all of you for all you have done and all I know you will do in the future! Thank you to those truly honorable Senators who fought for the Constitution! Thank you especially to those who broke ranks to stand for what was right, rather than expedient!

We would all do well to note that many, many faiths celebrate this season, and the general theme is that of the Light being born on Earth, all the way back to the Druids and Alban Arthuan, “the Light of Arthur”. It is truly a season of growing truth, expanding Light. A season of miracles.

May you all enjoy a blessed and meaningful Holy Day Season!

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  1. Posted by Todd on December 21, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Today (dec 21st) a friend of mine in the Liberal Party was given a heads up this week from the party that there will be mandatory vaccination laws for H1N1 /seasonal flu vaccine passed next year. My friend was told by the party “to make arrangements” to be exempt from this vaccine through a physician for 2010 because it was going to be” a done deal”. I can’t divulge my source or prove any of these claims but I put it out so others can find out if there is truth in this from other sources. I trust my source. I ask if anybody can validate this through other channels since I can’t for obvious reasons.
    I am not one to start rumours but I would rather confirm this to be true or false and give this movement a heads up in case other things are going on we are not aware of.



  2. Dee, off topic and I do apologize, but can you help get the word out about this crazy idea the Canadian government has regarding the addition of a chemotherapy drug to french fries and potato chips.
    I have a post up at my blog, but the more the merrier.
    Yeah, a christmas pun.
    btw enjoy the season!


  3. Well done!


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