About Us

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals who share the belief that it is the right of all Canadians to have the freedom to choose in matters of health care, and all rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, under the Constitution Act.

As groups uniting in matters of mutual concern, we strengthen and empower each other to speak truth to power, with each contributing of their own expertise and that of their memberships.

Having identified the threat of forced vaccinations of potentially-lethal ingredients, and having learned that our Senate is currently considering a Bill, C-6, which contains language that abolishes the rule of law, by precedent, we saw that the government was creating a situation whereby we would have no legal means of avoiding mandatory vaccinations. That would mean all our rights were gone, and that the state, the government, owns our bodies as well.

The membership of Canadians for Health Freedom brings together thousands upon thousands of Canadians who share one ideal, that:

In this nation, the right to due process of law assures the right of recourse to a court of law and a jury of one’s peers, and allows all Canadians to enforce their Charter Rights, including the right to refuse government-mandated medical intrusions such as vaccinations and fluoridation, to reject GM foods, to have access to essential nutrient supplements, etc., and to choose freely in all matters to do with their health and nutrition.


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